Self Relizations

My 36th bday seemed to be a magical one, an epiphany of sorts as I strolled through the and laughter…and scattered throughout were my familiar faces. It hit me… a “shift” a REALIZATION, a peaceful contentment that somehow was made up of little works in the universe all moving towards this moment to finally say “you are ready…” my status for today’s Facebook read “REALIZATIONS… SHIFTING.. THEY ALL HAPPEN IN THEIR OWN TIME. WE CAN’T FORCE SOMETHING WE ARE NOT READY FOR, BUT WHEN WE ARE READY….IT BRINGS SOUL RECOGNITION AND CLEAR AFFIRMATIONS THAT BRING AN INDESCRIBABLE PEACE AND JOY”

To this be true.. and perhaps it was not magical… perhaps it was simply positive reinforcement that I was ready to acknowledge where I was in myself in that very moment and the universe agreed. All at once clarity came about friends, lovers, men/relationships of past and those not yet come, my purpose, artistic expression and direction. The friends that have always been, the friends that serve a specific purpose, the friends that were and are no more,the friends that were and still can’t be, the friends that are fair weathered and the ones that no matter where you are and how little or how often you speak.. you feel time stood still for you two, new friends, old friends, friends you’ve yet to meet.. they came into my new found “realization”. The “realization” that I am perfectly brown, short, unskinny and not sized to proportionate perfection or molded to the world’s standard that dares to negate my self worth and undeniable talents because they are nearsighted to their own lack of Self “realization” that it ain’t all about them. Let me be about MY business and why the creator and universe had a deep conversation over a cup of tea about why I should be so perfectly created and made it so…made it so and that was a private conversation, not for the world to have say. Thank you very much. The lovers that finally worked out to be just that.. a lover and not a “faux(fake) unavailable pieced together part-time“non relationship”. The past men and the men to come I sum it up to and for them as I told a new kindred sister of a friend about one of my new found “realizations” this: there’s been too many tears, wasted moments, hesitations, stalled plans, wishful thoughts, daydreams of picket fences and lil pattering feet running around in a cloud of “MAYBES”….. all spent on one phrase “One day…”

No for me TODAY is the day and can’t anyone tell me either about “one day…” cuz everyone needs to worry about their own “one days..” they need to deal with because they missin out on their “realization”……

If you can relate and you have found in the recent your own realization, please share with me. As well feel free to respond to anything I have said.. this is my FIRST BLOG! so off we go and this is what SOUL TALK is all about.. welcome.

with soul,

Artistic Soul….

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